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  Adult Birthday Party Supplies
  Adult Costumes - 1920's Flappers & Gangsters of Roaring 20s
  Adult Costumes - 1950's Poodle, Housewife, Car Hop & Waitress
  Adult Costumes - 1960's Hippie, Mod, & Go Go
  Adult Costumes - 1970's Disco, Dress, & Retro
  Adult Costumes - 1980's Rock & Disco Costumes
  Adult Costumes - 1990's Hip Hop, Grunge
  Adult Costumes - Ancient Ages Egyptian, Viking, Warrior, & Genie
  Adult Costumes - Animals Bee, Chicken, Gorilla & more
  Adult Costumes - Ballerina Tutu
  Adult Costumes - Beyond The Grave
  Adult Costumes - Biker
  Adult Costumes - Caveman / Prehistoric / Flintsones
  Adult Costumes - Christmas & Other Holidays
  Adult Costumes - Clown
  Adult Costumes - Colonial
  Adult Costumes - Cops, Robbers, Military, Firefighters
  Adult Costumes - Couples Costumes, Group Costumes
  Adult Costumes - Devils & Angels
  Adult Costumes - Ethnic & International
  Adult Costumes - Female T.V. Movie Characters
  Adult Costumes - Gothic
  Adult Costumes - Hula Skirts & Luau
  Adult Costumes - Male T.V. Movie Characters
  Adult Costumes - Medical Profession
  Adult Costumes - Miscellaneous
  Adult Costumes - Patriotic
  Adult Costumes - Pimp & Ho'
  Adult Costumes - Pirate & Gypsy
  Adult Costumes - Plus Size
  Adult Costumes - Pun & Funny Costumes
  Adult Costumes - Religious
  Adult Costumes - Renaissance, Medieval
  Adult Costumes - Robes Capes
  Adult Costumes - Sexy
  Adult Costumes - Vampire
  Adult Costumes - Western Cowboys & Indians
  Adult Costumes - Witch Wizard

  Age Related Birthday Supplies
  Aritficial Flower - Baby Breath Spray
  Artificial Flower - Single Long Stem Flower
  Artificial Flower Garlands, Artificial Foliage Garlands
  Artificial Foliage
  Bachelorette Party Supplies
  Balloons and Balloon Supplies
  Baseball Party Supplies
  Basketball Party Supplies
  Birthday Party Supplies
  Breast Cancer Awareness and Movember Supplies
  Bridal Shower Party Supplies
  Candles - Taper, Pillar, Votive, Birthday
  Casino and Card Party Decor and Supplies
  Catering / Large Party Serving Supplies
  Christmas - Stocking Stuffers
  Christmas Decorations - Nutcrackers & Collectibles Full Size
  Christmas Decorations - Nutcrackers & Colletibles Mini
  Christmas Hats, Sweaters, and Wearable Items
  Christmas Party Supplies & Decorations
  Christmas: NEW! 2014 Christmas Items
  Exciting New Christmas Items for 2014 Available NOW!
  Clear Cello Bags & Cello Rolls
  Corrugated Display Wrap
  Costume Accessories - Medical Nurse Doctor
  Costume Accessories - Pimp & Ho'
  Costume Accessories - 1920's Flappers & Gangsters of Roaring 20s
  Costume Accessories - 1950's
  Costume Accessories - 1960's
  Costume Accessories - 1970's & 1980's
  Costume Accessories - 1990's Hip Hop, Grunge
  Costume Accessories - Ancient Ages
  Costume Accessories - Animal
  Costume Accessories - Bandannas
  Costume Accessories - Biker
  Costume Accessories - Boas Maribou
  Costume Accessories - Caveman/Prehistoric
  Costume Accessories - Cheerleader
  Costume Accessories - Christmas
  Costume Accessories - Clown
  Costume Accessories - Colonial
  Costume Accessories - Cops Robbers Military Firefighters Police
  Costume Accessories - Crowns, Tiaras, Wands, Scepters
  Costume Accessories - Dance Accessories
  Costume Accessories - Devil & Angel
  Costume Accessories - Eyeglasses, Sunglasses
  Costume Accessories - Facial Hair
  Costume Accessories - Fake Cigars, Cigarettes, Pipes
  Costume Accessories - Folding Fans
  Costume Accessories - Gloves
  Costume Accessories - Gothic
  Costume Accessories - Legwear, Socks, Body Stockings
  Costume Accessories - Mardi Gras
  Costume Accessories - Patriotic
  Costume Accessories - Pirate
  Costume Accessories - Religious
  Costume Accessories - Renaissance, Medieval
  Costume Accessories - Sexy
  Costume Accessories - Shoes
  Costume Accessories - Steampunk
  Costume Accessories - Tattoos
  Costume Accessories - Teeth
  Costume Accessories - Ties, Suspenders, Vests
  Costume Accessories - Tutus, Slips, Hot Shorts, & Panties
  Costume Accessories - TV Movie Characters
  Costume Accessories - Vampire & Zombie
  Costume Accessories - Weapons, armor, & canes (LARP)
  These item are often used as accessories for Live Action Role Play or Interactive Literature
  Costume Accessories - Wild West
  Costume Accessories - Wings
  Costume Accessories - Witch & Wizard
  Costume Hats - Derby and Top Hats
  Costume Hats - Ethnic & International Hats
  Costume Hats - Fedora Hats
  Costume Hats - Funny Silly Hats
  Costume Hats - Glitter or Sequin Hats
  Costume Hats - Hats
  Costume Hats - Military Hats
  Costume Hats - Patriotic
  Costume Hats - Pirate Hats
  Costume Hats - Western Cowboy Hats
  Costume Hats - Witch & Wizard Hats

  Costume Masks - Animal Masks
  Costume Masks - Carnival Mardi Gras Masks
  Costume Masks - General Personality Masks
  Costume Masks - Horror Masks
  Costume Masks - Patriotic and Political Masks

  Costume Theatrical Makeup - Ben Nye
  Costume Theatrical Makeup - Clown
  Costume Theatrical Makeup - Color Effects
  Costume Theatrical Makeup - Foundations
  Costume Theatrical Makeup - Latex And Latex Free Effects
  Costume Theatrical Makeup - Miscellaneous
  Costume Wigs - Anime (Japanese Animation)
  Costume Wigs - Clown
  Costume Wigs - Ladies Long Hair
  Costume Wigs - Ladies Short & Medium Length

  Costume Wigs - Men
  Costume Wigs - TV & Movie Characters
  Costume Wigs - Unisex
  Costume Wigs - Wacky, Wild, or Colorful
  Craft Supplies
  Crinkle Cut Shredded Gift Basket Filler
  Deluxe Hawaiian Leis
  Feathers & Plumes - Ostrich, Peacock, Turkey
  Fiesta Mexican Party Supplies, Cinco De Mayo Party Supplies
  Football Party Supplies
  Fruit Strings
  Gift Wrapping Supplies
  Glitter Hearts, Stars and Shamrocks on a Stick
  Glow In The Dark and Light Up Wearables
  Graduation Gowns & Robes
  Graduation Hats, Caps & Boards
  Graduation Party Supplies
  Hair Combs, Silk Lei Headbands & Wristlets
  Halloween Backgrounds & Props
  Halloween Party Supplies, Novelties
  Halloween Spiders, Bugs, Mice & Creepy Critters
  Hawaiian Leis - Medium Priced
  Hawaiian Leis Sets - Lei, Wristband, Headband Sets
  Hawaiian Luau Party Supplies
  Hawaiian Luau Party Tableware and Pool Party Tableware
  Hawaiian Luau Shirts, Dresses & Hula Skirts
  Holiday Party Supplies - Easter
  Holiday Party Supplies - New Years Eve
  Holiday Party Supplies - New Years Eve Party Packs
  Holiday Party Supplies - Thanksgiving, Autumn
  Holiday Party Supplies - Valentines Day
  Hollywood Theme Party Supplies
  Hollywood Theme Party Supplies - Backgrounds
  Hollywood Theme Party Supplies - Life Size Cut Outs
  Hollywood Theme Party Supplies - Table Decor
  Hollywood Theme Party Supplies - Trophies
  International Flags
  International Party Supplies
  Jello Shot Cups & Lids
  Jewelry - Novelty Costume Bracelets
  Jewelry - Novelty Costume Earrings
  Jewelry - Novelty Costume Necklaces
  Jewelry - Novelty Rings
  Jewelry - Other
  Jewelry - Rhinestone Tiaras, Rhinestone Headbands, Rhinestone Hair Combs
  Kid's Birthday Party Supplies
  Kids Animal Masks
  Kids Costume Accessories
  Kids Costumes - 1950's & 1960's
  Kids Costumes - Angels, Fairies
  Kids Costumes - Animal
  Kids Costumes - Ballerina Tutu, Leotards, Tights
  Kids Costumes - Cheerleader
  Kids Costumes - Clown
  Kids Costumes - Colonial
  Kids Costumes - Doctor Nurse
  Kids Costumes - For Good Guys & Bad Guys
  Kids Costumes - Glamour
  Kids Costumes - Holiday
  Kids Costumes - Infant
  Kids Costumes - Misc
  Kids Costumes - Ninja Warrior
  Kids Costumes - Pirate
  Kids Costumes - Religious
  Kids Costumes - Renaissance, Medieval
  Kids Costumes - Spooky Scary
  Kids Costumes - T.V. & Movie Characters for BOYS
  Kids Costumes - T.V. & Movie Characters for GIRLS
  Kids Costumes - Teen
  Kids Costumes - Toddler
  Kids Costumes - Western Cowboy Indian
  Kids Costumes - Witch Wizard
  Kids Hats
  Kids Wigs
  Life Size Cardboard People Figures
  Mardi Gras Beads & Party Supplies
  Mardi Gras Hats - for costumes & theater
  Mardi Gras Masks - for costumes & theater
  Metallic Decoration Garland
  Miniature Lights, Party Lights
  Miscellaneous Flags - Pennant Banners
  Musical Themed Party Supplies
  New website - Casino and Card Party
  New website - Luau Party Supplies
  New website - Oktoberfest Party Supplies
  New website - school spirit products
  Novelties - Rubber Ducks
  Novelties, Party Favors and Toys
  Oktoberfest Party Supplies
  Paper & Plastic Party Tableware - Variety of Colors
  Paper & Plastic Tableware Patterns
  Party Decorations and Supplies
  Party Supplies - Religious
  Patriotic & Fourth of July Party Supplies
  Petal-Fetti & Shaded Petal-Fetti, Artificial Rose Petals
  Pirate Birthday Party Supplies
  Pool & Ocean Party Supplies
  Princess Birthday Party Supplies
  Printed Cello Bags & Solid Color Cello Bags
  Printed Cello Rolls
  Racing Party Supplies
  Raffle Tickets, Wristbands, Coat Check Tickets
  Retirement Party Supplies
  Ribbon - #800 Acetate Satin
  Ribbon - #9004 Mono Edge Organza
  Ribbon - #9008 Organza With Sheer Satin Edge
  Ribbon - #9034 Wired Edge Organza
  Ribbon - #9301 Organza with Satin Center
  Ribbon - #9311 Sheer with Irid Stripes
  Ribbon - #9312 Six Inch Wide Nylon Organza
  Ribbon - #9801 Double Faced Satin
  Ribbon - #9814 Silky Double Faced Satin
  Ribbon - #9817 Grosgrain
  Scene Setters, Insta-Theme Backgrounds
  School Spirit Products w/ Team Colors
  Soccer Party Supplies
  Sports of All Sorts Party Supplies
  St Patrick's Day Costumes & Costume Accessories
  St Patrick's Day Hats & Wigs
  St. Patrick's Day Party Supplies
  Supplies - 3M Adhesives & 3M Tapes
  Supplies - Transparent Color Cello Rolls
  Trick, Joke & Magic
  U.S. & Military Flags
  Vacation Bible School Supplies
  Value Priced Hawaiian Leis
  Volleyball Party Supplies
  Wedding Anniversary - Party Supplies
  Wedding Bridal - Aisle Runners
  Wedding Bridal - Birds - Doves
  Wedding Bridal - Bow Ties
  Wedding Bridal - Bridal Rosebud Series
  Wedding Bridal - Bud Vases - Metallic
  Wedding Bridal - Cake Knife Sets
  Wedding Bridal - Cake Tops
  Wedding Bridal - Candle Rings
  Wedding Bridal - Card or Money Bags & Umbrellas
  Wedding Bridal - Decorations & Party Supplies
  Wedding Bridal - Flower Girl Baskets
  Wedding Bridal - Folding Fans
  Wedding Bridal - Garters
  Wedding Bridal - Guest Books & Pen Sets
  Wedding Bridal - Paper Bells
  Wedding Bridal - Pillar Candles and Votive Candles
  Wedding Bridal - Rhinestone Tiaras, Hair Combs, and Headbands
  Wedding Bridal - Ring Bearer Pillows
  Wedding Bridal - Taper Candles
  Wedding Bridal - Toasting Glasses
  Wedding Supplies to Make Corsages & Bouquets
  Western Party Supplies
  Wristbands, Identification Bracelets, Age Verification
Our Locations:
Cappel's 920 Elm Street Cincinnati, OH 45202

920 Elm Street, Cincinnati, OH
(513) 621-0952

Cappel's 917 Race Street Cincinnati, OH 45202

917 Race St., Cincinnati, OH
(513) 621-9499

Cappel's 3635 Harrison Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45211

3635 Harrison Avenue, Cincinnati, OH
(513) 481-9888

Cappel's 7668 Beechmont Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45255

7668 Beechmont Avenue, Cincinnati, OH
(513) 388-9888

Cappel's 9525 Kenwood Road Cincinnati, OH 45242

9525 Kenwood Road, Blue Ash, OH
(513) 984-9888


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