One of the biggest objections to the initial NFL business plan was concern that American’s would resist attending football games on Sunday. And yet, the annual world championship of American Football will be held on Sunday, February 7, 2021. It’s practically a national holiday to (American) football fans. 

“Super Bowl Sunday is one of our favorite unofficial winter holidays – and a great reason to host or attend a party with just a few people in your “safe bubble” in 2021!” Steffi Cappel

Turns out, Sunday games would not hamper the league’s growth or the growth of its annual super-hyped WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP GAME! The NFL calls it a “world championship” but you shouldn’t tune in expecting to see an entry from the Turks and Caicos Islands. Putting together an Olympic bobsled team was an amazing feat for Jamaica , but I don’t expect them to participate in the machinations of the “Cover 2” defense anytime soon. 

As with many things, it’s best not to overthink the Super Bowl, just go with it. It’s a nice opportunity to meet up with a few friends (pandemic rules allowing), enjoy some appetizers and argue about whether you would invest the $5 million required to air a television commercial during the broadcast. Come back and comment here if you hear the announcers describe how the game depends on three factors; 1) establish the run, 2) control the line of scrimmage, and 3) make the big play. They almost always say that. With just a little imagination, those three factors apply to many things in life, including your next party planning!

The good teams that win like perennials
Tend to focus on the fundamentials
They run, pass and score 
And win games galore

Just ask me about Cinci’s Bengals

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