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Star Wars Costumes, Star Wars Decorations

Star Wars Decorations / Costumes

Are you going to a Star Wars Premier or a Star-Wars-themed party? Would you like to be Chewbacca Costume, Storm Trooper CostumeChewbacca or a Stormtrooper? We have a costume for that.

Cappel’s offers a realistic-looking, licensed Chewbacca costume. It includes:  a furry jumpsuit, latex mask, latex hands, and a latex bandolier with pouch. It is available in two adult sizes.

This year, it’s been really interesting  to see the increase in nutcracker designs and stringed lights designs. Did you know there is a Star Wars collection of nutcrackers and lights? Just in time to give for Christmas 2015 or decorate for the premier of the new Star Wars movie, licensed Stormtrooper and Darth Vader  nutcrackers are available for purchase.Darth Vader And Storm Trooper Nutcrackers

These nutcrackers are part of a collectible series of wooden nutcrackers. Whether you are a fan of Star Wars specifically or simply enjoy collecting nutcrackers, an 11″ wooden Star Wars Nutcracker is a great gift for Christmas, birthday, or anytime.

The wooden collectible nutcrackers stand about 11 inches tall and weigh about 1.7 pounds! This is a solid decoration for Christmas or a theme party anytime of year! Each design is licensed by Disney.

The wooden collectible nutcracker stands about 11 inches tall. The 11″ Wooden Nutcracker is sold with the box intact – perfect for collectors. The box features images of three of the Star Wars Nutcrackers: Yoda, Darth Vader, and Stormtrooper.

R2D2 Light set
These R2D2 lights are officially licensed and make a great gift!

The Christmas light decorations are designed like either Yoda or R2D2. This is a ten light electric light set. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

R2D2 and Yoda are must-haves Christmas light-up sets for that person in your life who a fan of Disney’s Star Wars. Each official set is an authentic, licensed product.

Some facts:

  • Official licensed product
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • 120V AC 60Hz
  • Do not twist wire leads on light set bulbs or spare bulbs or these bulbs will not light
  • Ten light-up R2D2 figures

These don’t just have to be Christmas lights. The lights lights look great as decorations for a themed party, in a child’s room or as a Halloween Decoration.

Stop on by and get your Star Wars on!

In case you didn’t see it yet, here’s one of the latest previews:

You’ve probably seen our website by now, but did you know we have five locations in the Cincinnati area open year-round? Do you need a last-minute gift idea? Don’t want to resort to giving a gift card again this year? Are you looking for something different, something unusual, out of the ordinary? Guess what? Cappel’s has more than Santa Suits, Christmas lights and garland!

For instance, Hollywood Nutcrackers™ are a collectible Christmas gift, conversation piece, and transformation of an age-old tradition into a new generation. Designed by artist Holly Adler, these wooden nutcrackers are highly detailed, whimsical creations depicting kings, toy soldiers, and guards. Less expensive than the classic Steinbach® brand, Adler’s

Hollywood Nutcracker King Soldier
Hollywood Nutcracker – great gift!

nutcracker designs depict modern visions snowmen, gift-wrapped packages, and Christmas candy.

The Holiday Season involves celebrating many family and work-place traditions. Why not make one of your family traditions a stop in a Cappel’s in Cincinnati? If you are too far away, check out our website,, and enjoy shopping with us for your gifts and decorations this year.

For those of you who have already stopped by or shopped at our website, thank you for another wonderful holiday season. We appreciate your business!


Santacon New York City 2011

It happens only once a year each December, but is remembered fondly throughout the year.  You say Christmas?   We say SantaCon!  Santacon has a long and colorful history, and is celebrated around the world.  Santacon is essentially a gathering of like minded individuals who wish to both get into the Christmas spirit, as well as spread Christmas cheer to their fellow man.  In 2012 Santacon events will be celebrated in just about every major U.S. city, and in excess of 20 foreign countries!  In New York City huge throngs of Santa-wanna-be’s will gather to spread good cheer and raise money for Toys For Tots.

Pub Crawl Santa Suit

If you are looking to join the fun, there are just a few rules.  First, find out the date when Sanatcon will be celebrated in your city.  Then, dress up!  Creative interpretations of Santa gear are welcome and encouraged.  Remember to address everyone as Santa, and most importantly, remember Santa doesn’t make children cry!

Trah La La La La!

One of the better traditions that has survived over the years is caroling!  There is no better way to get in the Christmas spirit! What is it about caroling that makes us feel so good?  Is it the camaraderie of being with friends, or the happiness that caroling inevitably brings to the lucky recipients.  Whether you organize a group of neighbors, the local youth group, or friends from church, the results are sure to bring smiles to all involved!

Don’t forget to add some visual effects to your group.  An old fashion top hat, or Santa hat will instantly identify the group’s purpose.  The recipients of your jolly efforts could be elderly shut-ins, nursing home residents, or even neighborhood families with young children.  Imagine the delight in their eyes to have a group of happy carolers entertain them for a song or two.   Merry Christmas!