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Cappel’s Prepares for Cincinnati’s Bockfest

Monk Wig BockfestAs is often the case, there is more than one version of how Bock beer got its name. One goes like this: Sometime during the 17th Century in Munich, Germany, German monk, who’d been drinking beer for its nutritional content during his Lenten fast, tripped and fell over a goat. The beer brewed by those monks became known as Bock, meaning goat, beer.Monk Robe Adult Halloween Costume

The other version is that 17th century Bavarian monks mispronounced the name of the city of Einbeck where the brew originated in the 14th century, calling the beer “ein Bock” which means “a goat.”

Regardless of which story you tell, a Cincinnati marketing promotion for Bock beer led to what is now the largest Bockfest in the world being held the first weekend of March, in Over-the-Rhine in Cincinnati, Ohio. Supersoft Foam Halloween Mask Goat

The fun begins with a parade led by a “court” of people in costume, and a goat! Costume ideas for this parade include monk’s robes, monk wigs, Alpine or German outfits, Goat masks, and anything to do with beer, and sausage.



Later, a lucky woman will be named Sausage Queen, and someone, male or female, will win the beard competition. There is even an award for the best fake beard!Costume Beard and Moustache - Available in 4 colors

Cappel’s mentioned by Downtown Cincinnati Inc.!


Football Field Cooler
Football Field Cooler

We are so grateful for how gracious the folks at DCI are about including Cappel’s in newsletters and other communications. This afternoon I was checking out some of the many things to do in Cincinnati that are posted on the Downtown Cincinnati Inc. (DCI) website. Guess what I found? They posted an article about Cappel’s during the week before the Super Bowl!!

Cappel’s has many ways to help downtown residents and businesses enhance their entertainment experience. When guests or customers feel they are participating in a theme, whatever the theme is, they have a more fun.

Cincinnati Pigs are the biggest hams at the World Choir Games!

Chinese Tiger Pig Cincinnati, OH
Check out our new Big Pig Gig in Cincinnati, OH. sponsored by Cincinnati Art Works.  Starting in May 2000, the public pig-art project charmed everyone from Ohio all the way to northern Kentucky.  New pigs have been added this summer in anticipation of the World Choir Games.  You can see a few pig images on Cincinnati Pigtures and also see Big Pig Gig returning for World Choir Games.

Hamward Bound Pig Cincinnati Ohio
Hamward Bound Pig

The pigs were a great attraction throughout all of Cincinnati, and were especially enjoyed by visitors coming for the  World Choir Games.  Hope to hear about the concerts you attended and the pigs you saw!

Lunch on Fountain Square
Lunch on FountainSquare


World Choir Games Countdown Clock

This Is Music To My Ears!

World Choir Games Countdown Clock
World Choir Games Countdown Clock - Counting Down the Minutes Till The Opening Ceremony

It’s almost here! Hundreds of choirs from 70 countries will be competing here in the first World Choir Games ever to appear in the United States.  Cincinnati has been waiting so long for the World Choir games to start.  Just last month 500 planters were positioned around town. These planters will point the way to the various event locations.

Fortunately for Cappel’s, these planters run right in front of our party store, as we are just a block from two of the venues.

Opening ceremonies begin July 4, and competitions run through till the closing ceremony on July 14. If you like music, this is the place

Tyler Davidson Fountain
The Tyler Davidson Fountain sits in the center of Cincinnati's Fountain Square

to be! Competitions cover every type of musical genre from great choral-symphonic works to pop music.

Cappel’s is preparing with international & music products as well as a special display window in front of our party store to welcome World Choir Game visitors in their native languages. We will be carrying flags from 30 countries, as well as international flag banners, and also some licensed World Choir Games products.

Cincinnatians wants to be certain that our visitors feel safe and have a great experience here. There are 5,000 local volunteers to assist with making our international visitors feel at home. Some 500 of these volunteers will serve as translators. Come to Cincinnati this July for a very special treat!