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Multi-location, large-scale, themed dinner events are no mystery to Cappel’s

“Cappel’s has consistently provided a variety of fun and exciting decorations that enhance the experience of the Themed Dinners for our residents. Their pricing and delivery logistics exceed the competition. We are very pleased with their service.”

Last year, Cappel’s Party Supplies received a request from a large healthcare company that needed some help. Trilogy Health Services (THS) is a senior-living-community management group. They are currently responsible for 80 senior living communities conveniently located throughout 5 states in the Midwest. Each THS campus hosts four themed dinner events per year for its residents. The dinner guests include all of the THS senior living community residents.

During the summer they were planning a September event with a mystery theme that would occur on each of their campuses. THS was struggling to find an efficient way to organize similar activities within 78 participating nursing homes and care facilities. In the past, organizing these events took a great deal of time, effort, and money.

Locating event supplies, decorations, and costumes, often through multiple websites and vendors, was costly and time consuming.

Sherlock Holmes Pipe
A Sherlock Holmes style pipe adds to the fun of a Mystery themed dinner
Cappel’s was able to solve many of Trilogy Health Services’ problems and made these multi-location events much easier. Cappel’s worked directly with the Purchasing Agent to provide top party supplies and decorations including themed decorations, stand-up cutouts, hats and other wearables as well as costume accessories such as Sherlock-Holmes-style pipe for the residents, and tableware.

Cappel’s took care of the following:
* Provided a large variety of supplies – decorations, tableware, hats, prizes, etc.
* Scheduled on-time delivery to each campus
* Shipped each set of supplies to the appropriate location – 78 individual care facilities
* Coordinated and helped organize supplies
* Offered low-cost alternatives.

Clown Shoes
Here comes the Circus and the clowns!
As a result of that initial, successful collaboration, Trilogy Health Services’ purchasing officer has returned to Cappel’s multiple times for their party needs. Recent dinner events Cappel’s provided decorations for included one with a circus theme and another with a casino theme .

It has been a great pleasure to work with the THS team to provide community-building events and entertainment for their residents.

Giant deck of playing cards
Giant Deck of playing cards – perfect for parties.

The feeling is mutual, as expressed by MaryGen Boley, Communications Specialist for Trilogy Health Services, “Cappel’s has consistently provided a variety of fun and exciting decorations that enhance the experience of the Themed Dinners for our residents. Their pricing and delivery logistics exceed the competition. We are very pleased with their service.”

It’s Sure To Be A SUPER Weekend!

Denver Seattle logosIt doesn’t matter whether you’re a Broncos fan, a Seahawks supporter, or no fan at all, you’ll find it hard to escape the frenzy over Super Bowl XLVII.  The weather’s been awful, everyone has cabin fever; this is your chance to escape the humdrum that is winter.  So pick a side, pick some friends, and plan a party!  The game starts at 6:30, and if the complete game is a little too long, make it a Super Bowl Half Party.  The point is plan to have some fun!

It's Time to Play a Little FOOTBALL!!
It’s Time to Play a Little FOOTBALL!!

Select a casual menu that suits your style.  A buffet of appetizers, finger foods, and cold beverages works well, and allows guests to stay glued to the tube, or mingle with friends.  Regardless of which team you support, Cappel’s has your team colors and decorations to kickoff your Super Bowl party in style! Start with a “yard-line” table cover.  Serve your guests with Official NFL Super Bowl XVLIII plates and napkins. Colored cheerleader shakers allow guests to show their teams colors!   To really enhance the feeling of being there, give your guests a penalty or challenge flag to throw on the floor when they don’t agree with a call.

Team Colors:   Denver Broncos –orange & blue
Seattle Seahawks – bright green, blue, & silver


Up, Up, and Away!

temp0608Not so long ago, we thought maybe the simple helium balloon was doomed, it’s popularity cut short by helium shortages.  Today helium balloons are back, and their presence more welcome than ever.  One of the unexpected benefits of the helium shortage, was a product that we have come to use in all of our latex helium balloons.

The simple latex balloon filled with helium used to have a short life.  Typically we would not guarantee them to stay afloat longer than 12 to 18 hours.  Today, thanks to a product known as HIFLOAT, that life can be extended greatly.   HIFLOAT is a gel like substance that Cappel’s adds to all of our latex helium balloons.  It can extend the longevity of these balloons anywhere from 3 to 7 days or more.  In addition, it enables customers to have their helium balloons the day before a big event, and avoid the last minute rush.  There are enough last minute details to any large party, so this is a welcome improvement.  Our customers love the fact that their balloon bouquets can be enjoyed for more than just a night.

Balloon columns are a great way to bring color to larger spaces, or entrances
Balloon columns are a great way to bring color to larger spaces, or entrances

Balloons!  Just the thought of them brings mental pictures of celebrations, and fun times.  They are a part of our celebration landscape, and are often used in times of sorrow.  We seem to float with them as they are released, and our secret thoughts, often inserted in the balloon, float with them too.  Their color can add to the emotions we feel, or the theme we are trying to build. Three cheers for the simple latex balloon!

So Moustaches Are Cool?

There was a day when moustaches were so Moustache
seventy-ish. But lately, have you noticed the resurgence of interest in moustaches? They seem to show up in the least expected places. Namely, not on a male’s face. Of course, we’ve always sold tons of moustaches, but now there are moustache earrings, moustache suspenders, rings and bowties, to name a few. What is the reason for this sudden fixation with upper lip décor? After doing a little investigation I believe I have found the answer.

Thanks to the Movember movement moustaches have become mainstream, if only for a month each year. Never heard of Movember? Movember is celebrated every November, and is a challenge to all males, and their wives, sisters, and friends to raise funds in support men’s health issues, especially prostate and testicular cancer. Men begin the month clean shaven. For the rest of the month, these selfless and generous men, known as Mo Bros, groom, trim and wax their way into the annals of fine moustachery. Supported by the women in their lives, Mo Sistas, Movember Mo Bros raise funds by seeking out sponsorship for their Mo-growing efforts.

Seems a little hairy to me.

Photo courtesy of Movember United States,
Photo courtesy of Movember United States,

Help! It’s A Rubber Duck Takeover!

Betsy Ross & Ben Franklin rubber ducks!
Who knew? Betsy Ross & Ben Franklin rubber ducks!


What has happened to the simple rubber duck?  The humble friend of Sesame Street’s Ernie has reinvented itself.  Once confined to the bathtub or festival duck pond, the rubber duck has gone through an identity crisis of sorts.  This little rubber creature has invented literally hundreds of iterations of himself.  Sounds like a personality defect to me!

But hey, it has really caught on.  People really love the little guy.  There are rubber duckies of almost every stripe; nerd ducks, ninja ducks, historical ducks, sumo wrestler ducks, super hero ducks.  You get the picture.  The little fellow even makes a guest appearance in rubber duck races across the US.  My hometown, Cincinnati, sponsors the Rubber Duck Regatta every Labor Day weekend.  Last year’s race featured over 100,000 of the little floating creatures.  The event will be 20 years old this year, and has raised over $4.6 million dollars for the Freestore Foodbank here in Cincinnati.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I guess the phenomenon is here to stay.
He’s a harmless creature, so what’s not to like?