Taking The Olympic Torch To Sochi
Taking The Olympic Torch To Sochi



It’s not often we get to immerse ourselves in the excitement of the Winter Olympics!  Beginning February 6 with the Opening Ceremony, and running through February 23 the Winter Olympics will be packed with events both interesting and suspenseful.   These quadrennial games provide the perfect excuse to gather with friends and family for a party!  Build on the international theme by assigning each guest a country to represent.  Ask them to dress in some manner representing “their” country and to bring a dish or beverage to share which represents the country.

Set the mood by giving your home a cozy winter lodge look.  Hang snowflakes on the windows, a nice warm fire, and throw blankets will add to the feel of a mountain lodge.  Don’t forget to hang some flags from several nations to build the international theme.  Perhaps these could surround the food table, or TV area.

Team USA's Opening Ceremony Uniform... Is it me or is this sweater a candidate for the ugly sweater contest?

Team USA’s Opening Ceremony Uniform… Is it me or is this sweater a candidate for the ugly sweater contest?

It will be fun just to munch, drink, & watch the events; but to make it interesting, plan a competition or two.  How about your version of a curling competition in the hallway?  You could also have a Snowball Ring Toss, as seen on Make and Takes! Guests are simply asked to toss five marshmallow snowballs into each of the five rings in this easy but deceivingly tricky activity.  For those who simply want to sit and watch, put their minds to work with Olympic trivia!  Use this link to provide many fun and interesting facts to test Olympic knowledge.  http://www.infoplease.com/spot/winter-olympics-trivia.html

Don’t forget to award medals to top contenders.  It’s not official without the medal!  Most importantly keep it simple, and have fun!

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