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Our niece will marry her soul mate next year, in June. We are all excited about the preparations & decorating plans. As usual family and close friends are planning to attend the wedding. But there’s something different about the location of this wedding from the weddings we’re accustomed to attending. For Racheal’s wedding, everyone will have to travel and stay in a hotel – and I mean everyone.

Rachael’s wedding will be a “destination” wedding. Have you heard of that before? What a special treat and wonderful way to begin a new life together. Their wedding will be at an island resort where none of us have ever been. In the pictures, it looks like a place we’ve only dreamed about.

I think a wedding like this is the perfect start to a new life together. I can imagine taking a long weekend vacation with my best friends and family and after they all leave my husband and I would stay a few more days for our honeymoon. Where would you choose if you could go anywhere in the world for a destination wedding?

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