"Everyone can certainly see that  
Mardi Gras is nothing to sneeze at  
When having your party  
Don't forget, you smarty, 
Cappel's is where you get beads at!" Uncle Ken, January, 2021

Mardi Gras is an event held every year in many cultures where people celebrate life and partake in things they plan to fast from, during the religious season. The dates fluctuate every year based on the machinations of the Gregorian calendar, and the resulting appearance of Easter.  In the US, we celebrate Mardi Gras during the two weeks leading up to Ash Wednesday, culminating in the most celebrated day, known as Fat Tuesday (always the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday). Cities around the globe have their own celebrations, the two most noteworthy are Rio De Janeiro and New Orleans. Many other cities (even Cincinnati!) typically have some kind of festivities with most being family-friendly events with parades and costumes. The New Orleans celebration is more known for partying and debauchery, but there is no wrong way to celebrate.  Any excuse for a good time that brings smiles to our faces is a good thing. 

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As with all events during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Mardi Gras plans may have to be flexible in 2021. Fat Tuesday falls on Tuesday (of course!) February 16, 2021.  If you’re in the Greater Cincinnati area, you may want to check here when making your plans: https://cincinnatiusa.com/events/mardi-gras

"The craziest thing I ever saw 
Was when I attended New Orleans' Mardi Gras  
We partied and revelled 
and got all disheveled 
With friends, family, and even grandma!"

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