Barrier Spray

The key to a nice finish with your makeup is starting with a clean dry surface, in this case, your skin. In order to ensure there is no residue left on your skin where you will apply the makeup, use an alcohol square to wipe the area. Then use a barrier spray on skin and clothes to:

  • Prevent stains on skin and clothes
  • Prevent sweat from ruining your makeup design
  • Reduce the chance of an allergic reaction

Barrier spray should be applied by lightly spritzing the area where you will apply products to your skin. Let the spray dry. Then use barrier spray again after your makeup is dry and the barrier spray will help your design stay on even in water.
Another little tip about barrier spray: you can mist your shirt cuffs and collar to protect them from makeup stains!
As you plan your makeup application, remember you can use a water-based product over a cream makeup after setting the cream with setting powder. But, do not use a cream over the top of a water-based makeup.


Setting Powder

Setting powder is a translucent, so-light-you can’t-even-tell-it-is-there powder that should be applied after each layer of makeup. Color setting powder should be pressed on top of each layer of makeup to prevent rub-off of makeup onto fabrics. Ben Nye has a number of ultra neutral powders available in several shades to complement skin tones. It is important to press the powder onto the makeup. Spraying barrier spray on top of this will make the color more vibrant.
Start with your lightest color first. Load the color onto a sponge or brush and then apply it to your skin. Set the design with setting powder. Gradually add colors and shading until your design is finished. After it is dry, spray it with barrier spray one final time. Let it dry and it will last until you remove it with warm water and soap.
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