Witch nose and chin

Do you know somebody who was stuck looking like this last Halloween?

Many an embarrassing story has been told about someone who put something on without a proper plan to remove it. Don’t be that person. If you need spirit gum to adhere a moustache, fake nose, or some zombie scars to your face, you should have spirit gum remover on hand when it is time to take it off.

Spirit gum, Spirit gum remover

Cappel’s offers both spirit gum AND remover conveniently in one package.

Cappel’s offers quite a few transfers such as boils, scars, and even worms that can be attached to your skin with just water – no need for glue or any adhesive. Many water-based makeup products available today will wash out of hair and clothes and off of skin with regular soap and water.

No-adhesive skin transfers - boils, scars and worms

These add-on skin transfers can be applied without extra glues or adhesives and are water-soluble!

Some people have suggested, and tried, baby wipes to remove costume makeup. We don’t recommend baby wipes for makeup remover. Soap and water works best. Cold cream is also good for removing makeup, but the experts tell us to “stay away from beauty bars.” Be careful about using products containing lanoline if you are allergic to wool since lanoline comes from wool.

Oil Based makeup

Tip: Don’t forget to apply a Barrier Spray before using oil-based makeups to protect skin and make removal easier! It also works great if you spray it over the finished makeup to keep it looking perfect.

It is important to moisturize after you take off your Halloween makeup. Did you know that sunlight breaks down moisturizer? Therefore it is better to put moisturizer on at night, and leave it on while you sleep, rather than putting it on in the morning.

Finally, we want to dispel the myth that makeup makes people break out. Makeup does not make you break out. Not getting it off makes you break out.

Now that you know, planning ahead is the key – Just know how you are going to take it off, before you put it on.


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