At our age, my husband and I are grateful to still be able to celebrate Father’s Day with our dads.  I am going to give you some insight into our 2 great dads.  Maybe you can give me some help for Father’s Days ideas.

My father, the Riverman caught a little mahi on a recent fishing trip with our friend Dave Roof aboard the Ocean Gambler.

My dad, the Riverman, likes to fish, garden and grill out.  He saved a young boy and several adults from drowning during his days on the Ohio River.  He can build and fix anything and everything.  He enjoys having lots of friends and family around and is always ready for a party.  He loves animals, is kind-hearted and generous.  My dad reads lots of books.  His favorite books and movies are westerns and mysteries.  He can join in on most country songs and turns the volume way up for Pavarotti’s opera voice or a Beethoven symphony.  And it’s still really hard to find a gift for him.  For my dad, I am thinking about a small get together with a fishing or western theme.  We have some fun western party accessories at Cappel’s that might make the atmosphere a little more fun.

A great father, Bill Cappel on his 97th Birthday

Ray took this picture of Bill Cappel on his 97th birthday.

Ray’s dad Bill Cappel enjoys talking about his farm, the garden and pond.  He likes animals and especially enjoys petting dogs and watching birds.  Their home on the west side of Cincinnati always had bird feeders to attract beautifully colored songbirds.  At 97 years old, he has many great memories to share.  He was a dedicated, energetic, tireless entrepreneur who from humble beginnings in a grocery store became a leader of the multi-location, family-owned party and costume stores, Cappel’s.  Known for his integrity and attention to detail, Bill is respected in the retail world by colleagues and vendors from New York to Las Vegas and from Chicago to Houston.  He taught my husband, Ray, the business from the time Ray was 8 years old.  And it’s really hard to find a gift for him, also!  Ray loves color so we might use bright plates and table cloths to make the room look more special.

If you have ideas for us, please let me know.

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