Denver Seattle logosIt doesn’t matter whether you’re a Broncos fan, a Seahawks supporter, or no fan at all, you’ll find it hard to escape the frenzy over Super Bowl XLVII.  The weather’s been awful, everyone has cabin fever; this is your chance to escape the humdrum that is winter.  So pick a side, pick some friends, and plan a party!  The game starts at 6:30, and if the complete game is a little too long, make it a Super Bowl Half Party.  The point is plan to have some fun!

It's Time to Play a Little FOOTBALL!!

It’s Time to Play a Little FOOTBALL!!

Select a casual menu that suits your style.  A buffet of appetizers, finger foods, and cold beverages works well, and allows guests to stay glued to the tube, or mingle with friends.  Regardless of which team you support, Cappel’s has your team colors and decorations to kickoff your Super Bowl party in style! Start with a “yard-line” table cover.  Serve your guests with Official NFL Super Bowl XVLIII plates and napkins. Colored cheerleader shakers allow guests to show their teams colors!   To really enhance the feeling of being there, give your guests a penalty or challenge flag to throw on the floor when they don’t agree with a call.

Team Colors:   Denver Broncos –orange & blue
Seattle Seahawks – bright green, blue, & silver


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