MORP is PROM spelled backwards.  It’s a dance where the girls can ask the guys, where you wear crazy clothing instead of elegant finery, and everyone has a great time.  Everything about MORP is just the opposite of PROM.Prom and Morp

You could say it’s a sort of a backwards Prom or a boycott of the regular Prom.    It’s usually smaller than the regular Prom, costs a bunch less money to get your outfit and to attend, and you don’t have to be one of the “cool kids” or the “in crowd” to go to MORP.  As a matter of fact, it can be a great activity for students who may not otherwise have a lot of social interaction with their peer group.    It’s time to shine in your own unique MORP way.

Most MORPs have an 80’s theme to them including 1980’s Rock & Disco Costumes, the idea being that folks dressed a bit crazier in the 80’s.  Everything is mismatched, brightly colored, the more sparkles the better, and of course, the defining piece of your outfit (for a girl at least) is a Tutu or two.  Try wearing Glitter or Sequin Hats and Wacky, Wild, or Colorful Wigs!

Neon rules!!!!!!  Plenty of bright colors will help create a good MORP outfit.   Make sure your socks don’t match, your jewelry is funky and your Hair style is overdone.  Sunglasses are not essential, but can be the finishing touch to any MORP outfit.


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