Did you know that March 6th is National Oreo Cookie Day?

It’s the day the first Oreo was sold in 1912 in Hoboken, NJ. It’s hard to believe that the Oreo was initially marketed and sold in the United States 109 years ago! Grab some milk, twist off the top layer of the cookie, and celebrate by enjoying a favorite of young and old!! We’re told it is the best-selling cookie here in the US! Not surprisingly, it is now available in more than 100 countries.

Oreo Cookie Halloween Costume

As With Many Things, Competition Bred Innovation

This cookie or biscuit as it was originally called, was manufactured as Nabisco Company’s competitor to Sunshine’s Hydrox. The Oreo’s name changed a few times over the years and since 1974 it has been formally known as the Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookie. There have been a number of variations introduced over the years but the original has remained the favorite version here and abroad.

This Oreo Cookie is an adult costume that is worn like a tunic. Just slip the Oreo costume over your head and put your arms through the arm holes and you are ready to go! Wear it with jeans or over a pair of tights. If it is a cool day, you’ll need a long-sleeved shirt underneath, also. It is a sleeveless tunic that features the printed cookie design on the front and back. The design includes the Oreo name inside of the Nabisco logo.

The Oreo Cookie Costume is great for a quick and easy costume for one, or get a group together to wear Chocolate Chip, Milk, and the Milkman costumes! The Cookies and Milk costumes are slip-on, tunic-style, adult-size costumes. Can you imagine serving cookies to kids at school or to a group of adults at a health care facility, while you and other staff are dressed up in these costumes?!?

Milkman Costume
Two Chocolate Chip Cookie Costumes

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