Getting ready for the big SPLASH!

Summer time and pool parties, what a perfect pair!  Summer is my favorite time of year, and If you’re fortunate enough to have a pool, you have the best of all worlds.

Set the mood for your summer pool parties.  I love the way paper lanterns look when strung over a pool, or around the patio.  If you have a covered area, the lanterns can enhance your pool area for months!  Whether combined with strings of lights, or by themselves, they add a festive look to any pool party.

Add a little music and a limbo party kit, and you have the makings of a very memorable
summer pool party.  Kids and adult will all want to get in the act.  After dusk, bring out the light up necklaces, kazoos, and maracas for a summer sing along.  Download some of the 100 Greatest Songs of Summer, and you’ll have everyone smiling and singing!  For
something simpler try these old favorite camp songs :

On Top Of Spaghetti
Down By The Bay
Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

I wish summer would last forever!

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