What makes any party special is a theme that ties everything together. Did you ever think of hosting a pool party with a pirate theme? 

Pirates generally ate really well during the first weeks of a cruise. They kept live cows and chickens on board for fresh milk, cheese, and eggs! So a cheese plate, deviled eggs, roast beef and chicken tenders, and a vegetable plate are great items to have on your menu. And of course, oranges, and other fresh fruit – to help prevent the scurvy!

Refreshments for a pirate themed party could include Rum and Ale for the adults, orange juice and lemonade for the youngsters. 

Wear a Pirate costume as guests arrive or put it on just before time to serve the main refreshments!

Decorate with a treasure map table covers, pirate ship cutouts, a pirate flag, a buccaneer or swashbuckler cutout, pirate skull & crossbones plates and napkins, and a treasure chest center piece! Provide a “selfie station” with some pirate photo booth props or a Jack Sparrow cardboard standup!

Going off of the diving board could be called “Walking the Plank.” Other games could include Marco Polo and hunting for buried treasure (in the pool or out)!

Hand each guest an eyepatch and a bandanna to tie around their head as they arrive. Or give each guest a pair of skull sunglasses to wear! 

Bury a small toy treasure chest and some fake gold coins in a flower pot or in a bag of sand they can dig through. 

Use a treasure map to give directions around the swimming area to mark restrooms, food tables and refreshment areas on the map, and, of course to where the little treasures are buried! 

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