16 Inch Plastic Hanging Clown Skeleton – Out of Stock


Plastic Hanging Clown Skeleton come in 3 different styles. They are made of hard plastic. They are jointed at the jaw, shoulders and hips and measure 16″ long x 3″ wide.

  1. Has 2 tuffs of hair on either side of his head, red and yellow neck piece, tethered mesh vest and yellow with mesh skirt
  2. Has 3 pom poms for hair, red and blue neck piece and a black polka dot shirt
  3. Has a white cone hat with a red pom pom at the tip and yellow mesh at the base and a black polka dot neck piece


16″ Plastic Hanging Clown Skeleton will give you the creeps! Hang these up or place them around the house, office or school Halloween party.

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Cone Hat, Polka Dot Vest, Red/Yellow Neck Piece


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