Fox Mask – Movable Mouth


Perfect for a fox in the henhouse Halloween costume!


You can eat and drink while wearing this Deluxe Furry Fox Mask with shiny green eyes. The Fox’s mouth will move when you move your chin. Tuck the neck material into your shirt for a realistic look. The eyes, nose, teeth and tongue are very interesting on this Fox Mask. The eyes are bright green with see-through mesh behind them. The large mask has an elastic strap to hold it in place on your head.

It’s so easy! Only two steps before you get in touch with your wild side! Instructions for how to wear this mask are included in the header tag and there is a video available for download so you can watch how to use this mask most effectively: Place your chin behind the chin cushion and secure the inner strap all the way behind your head.

This would be a great costume for Hall Zoo Ween, or any time you want your animal instincts to take over!

A wig cap is recommended with this mask.

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