Santacon New York City 2011

It happens only once a year each December, but is remembered fondly throughout the year.  You say Christmas?   We say SantaCon!  Santacon has a long and colorful history, and is celebrated around the world.  Santacon is essentially a gathering of like minded individuals who wish to both get into the Christmas spirit, as well as spread Christmas cheer to their fellow man.  In 2012 Santacon events will be celebrated in just about every major U.S. city, and in excess of 20 foreign countries!  In New York City huge throngs of Santa-wanna-be’s will gather to spread good cheer and raise money for Toys For Tots.

Pub Crawl Santa Suit

If you are looking to join the fun, there are just a few rules.  First, find out the date when Sanatcon will be celebrated in your city.  Then, dress up!  Creative interpretations of Santa gear are welcome and encouraged.  Remember to address everyone as Santa, and most importantly, remember Santa doesn’t make children cry!

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