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Gamemasters, Live Action Role Play (LARP), Interactive Literature – all new terms or not so new…

Hooded Executioner costume
Executioner Costume – Great for LARP or Halloween
Have you heard of Live Action Role Play (LARP)? This is an area of gaming that is part fantasy, part fact, part theater, all interactive. The origins of LARP, according to information posted on Wikipedia, are multi-national but in each country the games are based on participants’ desire to act out, in real life, episodes of life in another time. Some LARP groups focus on replaying specific battles, historic or futuristic while others establish rules based on games such as Dungeons & Dragons.

As important as the play actors, costumes, and weapons in LARP, are the Gamemasters (GM) who identify the setting, determine the rules, and handle recruitment and financial aspects of the events.

The oldest recorded LARP group in the U.S. began in 1977 with a focus on reenacting fantasy battles. Since then, this adult form of make believe is typically meant for entertainment, artistic expression, or educational purposes. LARP events may be as short as one or two hours, or may involve a great number of players and last several days.

Whether your involvement is as a participant, GM, or crew member, Cappel’s has great costumes, accessories, wigs, and fake weapons for your next LARP outing.

What Can I Do On May 28th?

Patriotic Memorial Day Ideas
We hope encourage you to honor all our U.S. service men and women through memorable events & traditions. We found this image on http://petticoatsandpistols.com/2010/05/

Like many, sometimes I forget the true meaning of Memorial Day, to honor those who sacrificed their lives for our country, and I wonder what I can do differently this year.   I want to remember that it is more than just a day off and time for a BBQ. As I gather with my family and friends on the last Monday of the May, I will hang a flag outside my home and try to convince them to attend our local Cincinnati parade honoring America’s soldiers who have fought to keep us all safe and secure.

Maybe I can convince them to go to the Blue Ash Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony.  If you are interested, the parade begins 10:15 a.m. at Reed Hartman Highway and Cooper Road and ending at Veterans Memorial Park.   A ceremony will follow 11:30 a.m. at Blue Ash Bicentennial Veterans Memorial Park at Hunt and Cooper roads.

I did a little research to help me get focused: Memorial Day (also known as Decoration Day) began in the United States on May 30, 1868, after the Civil War ended.    Flowers were put on the graves of fallen soldiers from both sides of the war in an effort to heal the nation.  Now we include all men and women who have died in America’s wars.

Do you have traditions or ideas to make Memorial Day more meaningful for your family?  Please share your ideas.  Of course, I will decorate for Memorial Day since I am part of Cappel’s!

written by Melanie Crihfield