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Welcome to our blog!  Cappel’s is a well known costume & party supply store in Cincinnati.  In fact, we own 5 brick & mortar locations in Cincinnati as well as our 6th store online: www.cappelsinc.com.  Cappel’s has been run by our family since 1945, and at times, everyone in the family seems to have a part in it.  Ray Cappel is our primary buyer.  His wife, Steffi Cappel, will be writing posts for the blog as will Melanie Crihfield, one of our favorite designers at Cappel’s.  I hope to get many others involved in writing posts.  It’s amazing the great stories and ideas that we come across during a day’s work.  We hope to share with you some exciting and practical party and costuming ideas.  My husband Rich Cappel and I are very involved with the day to day activities of the business.  We are very proud of our stores and the people that work at Cappel’s.

Diane Cappel and her husband Rich are involved with the day to day activities of the business.

Our customers are always coming up with fun ideas, and we want to share these with you!  Maybe we’ll have just the right idea for an event that you are planning.  We’ll also be sharing the latest celebrations we are having in the Cappel family and in Cincinnati.  Our goal is to inspire you to enjoy and build great memories with your families and friends through fun parties and celebrations.

Diane C.


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