We’ve seen alligator bead necklaces, inflatable alligators, and even an Alligator King costume.

We’ve heard of Alligator Skin boots, purses, wallets, jackets and even car accessories. But, have you ever seen an alligator hat like this?

Alligator Hard Hat

New Jersey Sewer worker wears his Alligator Hat

Cappel’s customers in New Jersey have their own design and collection of Alligator hats using our 10” Alligator Squeak Toy.

A Project Manager, JB, adheres the squeaky alligators to hard hats as an initiation/recognition tactic for trainees in the NJ Water Environment Association. The trainees enjoy squeaking the alligators on top of their hats and so do other workers (who fondly remember wearing the hats when they were trainees).

Although the item is not as popular as some other squeak toys, it is readily available and among our many novelty and toy items.

JB wrote us a note when he sent a picture of this season’s successful trainees.

Hi Stef,

Thanks for your help. The New Jersey Water Environment Association is an educational service organization. We provide professional training and recognition to water professionals working in Sewage Treatment Plants and the water infrastructure. The folks you see in the pictures are operators, engineers, lab techs and the like.

Use the photos as you like

NJ Sewer workers with Alligator Hats

NJ Sewer workers, engineers, lab techs wear their new alligator hats

So, you see, even though it is refuted by many researchers and websites, there are truly alligators in the NJ sewer system after all.

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