Jungle Trees Backdrop for VBS

Jungle Trees Backdrop for Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School (VBS) programming has been around since 1894 when a Sunday School teacher in Hopedale, Illinois started to teach the bible to children during the summer. But, it wasn’t until 1923 that the first curriculum specifically for VBS was printed. It addressed elementary school children as do the curricula of 2014. Of note is that VBS is not limited to a specific religious denomination but focuses on teaching the bible to young children regardless of whether they have a church affiliation.

Today, there are organizations throughout the world offering a form of VBS. The most common VBS in the U.S. is a week-long experience for young children. The week typically follows a theme that uses aspects of our modern world to explore principles and concepts from the Bible. Curriculum developers, VBS leaders and staff put a lot of hours into selecting age-appropriate themes and making the lessons fun for participants.

A day at VBS often includes singing, craft time, physical activity, refreshments, and interactive bible-based games and exploration. The key difference between VBS and secular summer programs is that VBS is mission driven and focuses on discovery of lessons from the Bible. Children who attend often look forward to VBS every summer as a time to reconnect with friends and have fun.

There are several decorative styles for sprucing up Vacation Bible School environments this summer. Among the most popular decorations are:

Animal Props for VBS

Animal props for Vacation Bible School

While some VBS locations offer a completely new theme each year, others provide a continuing theme over several years.

Animal props for Vacation Bible School

For instance the Jungle Theme of 2013 is being carried forward in a Unique Animal Theme for 2014.

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