Design Master produces top quality spray paints, color sprays, primers & sealers, as well as many finishing coat sprays. They do not sell retail products to the general public, but they have a “Where to Buy” list on their website. Cappel’s is grateful to be on that list as a wholesale and retail distributer of their high-quality spray paint, snow, sealants and other products.

But why are so many Design Master Spray Paint colors and other products running low? And why are so many retailers out of stock of Design Master?

Here’s the scoop we’ve heard from the good people at Design Master (DM) and Smither’s Oasis (Oasis)!

  • Oasis did purchase Design Master. It will remain a separate company within Oasis, and wholesalers’ orders will still (eventually) be placed directly through DM.
  • Unfortunately because of the merge, the ordering systems are not compatible. Orders that were entered at DM could not be processed by Oasis’s computer/billing system. But don’t worry! Computer wizards at both companies are still working to resolve this issue.
  • During the same time period as the ownership changes, the pandemic caused many of DM’s manufacturing supplies to be re-routed for medical and cleaning products. In fact, manufacturing stopped completely in March. Even when they were able to receive such items as nozzles, straws, cans, and alcohol again, production was still limited due to distance requirements for keeping employees safe. Fewer people on the line, fewer products coming off the line, fewer cans available for florists, craft retailers and the public.

Although Cappel’s Inc. ( still has plenty of stock available for sale, we wish Oasis and DM a successful and speedy transition. We look forward to restocking our shelves! Until it’s all up and running smoothly again and they catch up with filling orders, Cappel’s hopes to be your go-to place for all of your floral, décor, and crafting needs.

To view our selection of Design Master spray paint, Click HERE!

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