Sarah's bachelorette party with Cappel's wigs

My niece, Sarah with friends and relatives celebrating at her bachelorette party in May.

My niece, Sarah, recently got married, but not before celebrating the traditional Bachelorette night-out.  Sarah comes from a partying group of 6 siblings, and an abundance of cousins and friends, so we knew this would be a fun event.  The theme for the night was “wiggin’ out”.  All attendees were asked to wear a black dress, (because hey this was a sophisticated group), and a wig of their choice.  Turns out the black dress was the only thing sophisticated about the evening!

The evening started off with the usual embarrassing presents for the bride to be.  Sarah has a great sense of humor, and seemed to enjoy all the attention.  After that it was off to downtown Louisville for a very memorable night of dancing and enjoying life.  The colorful costume wigs added greatly to the fun of the evening, and of course let everyone know that we were celebrating a very special occasion.

Bachelorette parties and Bachelorette party supplies are new to my generation; but they are a good new!  They are certainly a lot more fun than bridal showers!

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