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Browse some of our popular online items below, or stop by one of our 4 locations in Cincinnati to see our great selection! There are so many ways to decorate for Valentine’s Day and tons of fun crafts to make for this February holiday! Especially this year, everyone needs a little extra love. One way to show share your heart is to embellish your background for a videoconference or Zoom call! This is a great way to say, “Be My Valentine?!?” to someone who can’t be with you in person.

Even more fun than decorating for a party or video is making Valentine’s Day crafts. A heart-shaped photo frame can be used to take pictures. Print them out and personalize a card to send. When we were kids we used to use paper doilies to cut out hearts or rub pencils over them to create a textured effect. Creating memories is easy with a theme like Valentine’s Day!

Giving someone a cute little gift is the best way yet to show you care!! Maybe it’s just a heart sticker or a rubber bracelet. These types of novelties can make someone’s day! Everyone likes to receive a little present from time to time but particularly on a day as special as this one! When you know you’ve given someone something to smile about, your brain releases dopamine and you get that warm, fuzzy, great feeling all over!

Teachers in just about every grade level take the opportunity of a holiday to create a welcoming atmosphere for their students. Cappel’s welcomes teachers from all schools with a small discount when they shop inside our local Cincinnati brick and mortar locations. It’s always a treat to see what our managers have done in our stores to highlight the season!

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