Cinco De Mayo – Cappel’s Theme of the Month

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In the United States, we celebrate the history and culture of Mexico, not on the date the country celebrates its declaration of independence in 1810 (Sept. 16), but on the 5th of May. The trend for celebrating Cinco de Mayo has been growing each year in the U.S. The date is marked with grand celebrations and parties of all sizes featuring Mexican flags, music, dancing, and traditional Mexican food. Decorations and party supplies for Cinco de Mayo often feature chili peppers or sombreros, while costumes include serapes, and accessories include maracas, and bushy black mustaches.

Cinco de Mayo literally translates to the 5th of May, in English. On this day in 1862, approximately 100 men who were loyal to Mexico lost their lives in a victorious battle against the French in Puebla, Mexico. The battle was a result of the Mexican government’s default on a loan from France. At that time Napoleon was ruling France and used the default to try to take Mexico under French rule.

Although they were seriously outnumbered and ill equipped, Mexican soldiers were led to victory over the French, on May 5th 1862, by a native of Texas, General Ignacio Zaragova. The United States was fighting its own Civil War at that time, but later lent Military support and political pressure to help bring an end to Mexico’s war with the French.

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