Here’s something that might make you stand out in a crowd! At least, it worked to get my picture on the scoreboard during a Cincinnati Reds game! I was wearing a bright red sequined fedora adorned with a row of blinking lights around the brim. So many Reds fans complimented me on the hat, but I was still surprised to see myself wearing it up there on
the big screen.

Fedoras are still a very hot item for this year, that could be why they chose to light it up and make it in solid colors, plaids, hounds-tooth, and all kinds of fabric.  Sometimes I think people don’t realize the immense amount of party hats available for fun use. I have a hard time grasping the range of hat materials (from felt to plastic) and the range of hat themes (from Western hats to food-themed hats, to top hats).

Miniature hats are also in vogue this year, adding a sophisticated touch to a lady’s costume.  Get creative with your costume… add a hat!


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