60th Birthday Bead Necklace


Black/White 60th Birthday Necklace

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This is an attractive necklace for the birthday girl or guy.

  • Lets everyone know you’re “60”
  • is black and white
  • is long enough to go over your head and fit anyone

These birthday beads are black and white, with larger size beads and 4 large and festive balloons each printed with the birthday number. Made from lead free oil base paint, they won’t leave stains on clothes.

These birthday beads are a must have for the 50th birthday. Necklace measures 42 inches and has shiny multicolored and pearl beads with black and white balloons that read “50.” Phthalate and lead free. Not recommended for children under the age of 3 years.

Why You Need This

  1. To celebrate the big 5-0 in style
  2. You can let the world know that you should be catered to on your special day
  3. A great gift for that hard to shop for family member or co-worker
  4. So you can travel over the hill in style

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