Glittered Champagne Bottle Confetti Popper Cannon


Glittered 13″ tall confetti popper cannon shaped and designed like a champagne bottle. Filled with  multi-colored tissue confetti and streamers

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Glittered Champagne Bottle Confetti Cannon. 13″ twist party cannon champagne popper bottle. This party cannon is perfect for adding the WOW factor to any occasion with multi-colored tissue confetti and streamers! Perfect for weddings and New Year’s Eve!


  • Take off the outer plastic wrapping
  • Pierce the foil at the top of the popper
  • Aim the bottle in the air away from people and pets
  • To activate, apply pressure and twist the base

Warning: Spring-loaded device, filled with foil and tissue confetti. Not reusable, do not disassemble or reload after use. Please be aware this product will make a sharp noise. Store out of reach of children. Not suitable for children under 14 years due to small parts.

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