Jointed Tiki Totem Pole


This Jointed Tiki Totem Pole is perfect for decorating a Polynesian party for any age!


This jointed tiki totem pole decoration is a creative fusion of traditional Polynesian artistry with contemporary design. Unlike a conventional totem pole, which typically consists of a single carved wooden piece, a jointed tiki totem pole is constructed from several individual segments or sections that are joined together.

Each segment of the totem pole features intricate carvings depicting various Polynesian symbols, deities, animals, or mythological figures. These carvings are often rich in cultural significance, representing aspects of Polynesian folklore, spirituality, or tribal history.

The joints between the segments allow for flexibility and movement, enhancing the totem pole’s dynamic appearance. This jointed design also facilitates transportation and assembly, making it easier to transport and display the totem pole in different settings.


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