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Did She Say She Found the Sunglasses in Iceland?

Written by:
Stephanie Cappel

Parrot Sunglasses
She found the sunglasses in Iceland and had us ship them to Hawaii!

On February 10 a pleasant, well- traveled woman phoned Cappel’s in Cincinnati. Ms .R wanted to ask if we would search for an inexpensive way to ship three pair of sunglasses to her in Hawaii. Dave, in our shipping department, determined the cost for shipping anything up to 1 lb. and Ms. R. was glad to have found a way to get her hands on those glittered, palm tree and parrot sunglasses! Cappel’s has the shades in combinations of red/blue, pink/lavender, and green/gold. Ms. R. wanted the red/blue parrot sunglasses.

You see, she had recently visited a market in Reykjavik. There, in the cold but beautiful capital of Iceland, Ms. R. tried on a pair of glittered palm tree and parrot sunglasses and was enamored with them – but didn’t buy them!

When she got home to HER beautiful island of Hawaii, she really wished she had purchased the sunglasses. So, she looked online and found them at Cappel’s. Ms. R. was so happy with her experience with Cappel’s that she sent us a note and a picture of her wearing the sunglasses in the market in Iceland.

Here is her note:
“Stephanie Cappel,
Here (is a picture of me wearing) your sunglasses that I found at the flea market in Iceland! I am so excited that I will be able to have them now. Mahalo (Thank you) again for all your help. Your customer service is outstanding. A hui hou (Until next time)!” Ms. R.

When we asked Ms. R for permission to use her picture in this post, she replied, “Be sure to say how terrific I think all of you are.”

Having such wonderful customers makes our jobs all the more enjoyable!

Kitty Cat Eyeglasses – Meow

Fun Eye Glasses
Accessorize your face with fun eyeglasses

During a national trade show, Ray came upon some really fun kitty cat eyeglasses and kitty sunglasses and kitty eye glasses with no lenses! Eye glasses with no lenses? You might ask, “What’s the point of that?” Well, they are a great accessory for your face.

We use make up and earrings, piercings, perfumes and lotions to accessorize our faces. Some very famous women would never be seen in public without sunglasses.  What about your own style? Are you into Hello Kitty ® brand accessories?   If so, this would be a purrfect accessory for you.

Cappel’s has kitty glasses with a dark lens, a clear lens, or no lens. The frames have a bow on one side and a cat paw on the other rim.

Tropical Parrot Sunglasses
There's lots of fun ways to celebrate, and eyeglasses add to the fun! I love these parrot sunglasses.

In Asia, kitty glasses these are already reported to be a strong trend. They move quickly and are sold by street vendors who are enjoying the fun of a hot new item.

Our glasses, sunglasses and frames are available in a variety of colors and would brighten up any wardrobe and provide a great conversation starter.  I also love the parrot sunglasses.

How do you accessorize your face?