19″ Costume Plastic Gangster Machine Gun


This Costume Plastic Gangster Machine Gun is perfect for those nostalgic ganger outfits for Halloween or a themed party!


A plastic gangster machine gun is a toy replica of a classic Tommy gun, also known as a Thompson submachine gun, often associated with gangsters from the Prohibition era in the United States. The machine gun is typically made of lightweight plastic, making it safe and easy for children to handle during imaginative play. The toy gun is designed to resemble a real Tommy gun, with its distinctive shape and features. It has a long barrel, a box-shaped magazine, and a stock at the rear for stability when aiming. Despite being made of plastic, the toy gun often includes realistic details to enhance its authenticity. This may include molded-in details such as faux screws, rivets, and grooves to mimic the appearance of metal components. The plastic gangster machine gun is often painted or molded in black to mimic the appearance of a real firearm. Some versions may feature additional details such as silver accents to simulate metal parts or wood-grain patterns on the stock for added realism.

Overall, a plastic gangster machine gun is a fun and nostalgic toy that allows children to engage in imaginative play and role-playing as gangsters, detectives, or other characters from the Prohibition era or crime-related stories.

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Weight .54 lbs


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