Costume Deluxe Leather Belt & Holster


This Cowboy Holster costume piece adds a touch of realism and flair to your costume for any costume event!


The Costume Deluxe Leather Belt & Holster is a high-quality accessory designed to complement various costume ensembles, particularly those portraying characters such as cowboys, law enforcement officers, adventurers, or action heroes. Crafted from faux or genuine leather, this deluxe belt and holster set exudes a sense of authenticity and ruggedness, enhancing the overall look of the costume. The belt typically features intricate stitching, metal buckles, and adjustable straps to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for wearers of different sizes.

The holster, attached to the belt, is designed to securely hold a prop weapon such as a toy gun or pistol, completing the character’s iconic look. It often features snap or buckle closures to keep the weapon in place during movement.

What sets this deluxe belt and holster apart is its attention to detail and durability. Unlike standard costume accessories, which may be made from cheaper materials, this set is designed to withstand repeated wear and tear, making it suitable for cosplay events, stage performances, or themed parties where authenticity and durability are valued.

Whether you’re dressing up as a Wild West gunslinger, a modern-day law enforcement officer, or a daring adventurer exploring uncharted territories, the Costume Deluxe Leather Belt & Holster adds a touch of realism and flair to your costume, helping you immerse yourself fully in the character’s world.

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