Dr. Seuss® Deluxe Grinch Santa


This deluxe Grinch costume includes a Hat, Jacket, Latex Mask, a pair of Gloves.


The Dr. Seuss® Deluxe Grinch Santa costume is a high-quality and detailed ensemble that captures the essence of the iconic character from Dr. Seuss’ “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!”

The costume features a plush, green fur suit to emulate the Grinch’s furry appearance. This suit covers the wearer from head to toe, providing a complete transformation into the character. Over the green fur suit, the costume includes a traditional Santa Claus coat. This consists of a red jacket with white faux fur trim, white pom-poms, and a Santa hat with white fur trim, and a white pom-pom on top. These details help to authenticate the Santa Claus appearance. A standout feature of the Deluxe Grinch Santa costume is the included Grinch mask. This component is designed to resemble the Grinch’s face, complete with his characteristic scowl, furrowed brow, and mischievous grin.

Overall, the Dr. Seuss® Deluxe Grinch Santa costume offers a comprehensive and visually striking portrayal of the beloved character, making it an ideal choice for costume parties, cosplay events, theatrical productions, and holiday festivities. With its attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, this costume allows fans to step into the shoes of the Grinch and bring a touch of Whoville mischief to any occasion.

Don’t want to wear a mask? Buy The Grinch Adjustable Cap to pull the costume together.

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