Fabric GoGo Boot Covers


Wear these with your favorite shoes to look stylish. Buy these for Halloween, themed parties, plays, and more.


White fabric GoGo boot covers are designed to fit over existing footwear, transforming regular shoes into the iconic style of GoGo boots. They are usually made of stretchy, white fabric that hugs the leg and foot, creating a sleek and seamless look. The covers typically extend to just below the knee, mimicking the appearance of traditional GoGo boots. They feature slightly stretchy material for easy wear and removal. They have elastic along the top in the back to comfortably secure the boots. These White Fabric GoGo Boot Covers are a popular accessory for costumes, particularly for themed parties, retro events, or stage performances, adding a touch of 60s-inspired fashion flair to any ensemble. Wear these with Flower Child Dress or any of our other 60’s inspired costumes! These are one size fits most. Elastic in the back of the calf area allows for a custom fit. Buy these to wear comfortably over your gym shoes. These are an inexpensive option for a classic look.

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