Foil Horse Racing Streamer


This steamer is perfect for derby themed parties. Buy this to complete your equestrian style decor.


Foil Horse Racing Streamer combines the elegance of roses with the good luck symbolism of horseshoes, creating a unique and thematic decoration. You can imagine it draped across a fence at a ranch wedding, hung on a wall at a Kentucky Derby party, or welcoming guests at a horse show. This horse racing streamer is made from durable cardstock with shiny and reflective foil. Buy Win Place Show Cutouts Horse Racing Kentucky Derby or any of our other equestrian related party decor!

Here’s a breakdown of its features:

  • Material: Made of sturdy metallic foil, giving it a shiny and reflective appearance.
  • Lettering: The banner spells out the message “We Will Miss You” in individual letters.
  • Size: 6½” x 6′
  • Assembly: Required. horseshoes and roses will attach to a white string for easy hanging.


Additional information

Weight .01 lbs


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