Haunted School Girl Costume


This is a popular choice for Halloween, costume parties, theatrical performances and dress-up play.

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Haunted School Girl Costume is inspired by the character Wednesday Addams from “The Addams Family” franchise. It embodies a dark, Gothic aesthetic with a touch of vintage charm.

  1. Color and Material:
    • The dress is predominantly black, staying true to Wednesday Addams’ iconic style.
    • It is made from lightweight and comfortable 100% polyester, suitable for children’s wear.
    • This dress features a white collar and cuffs to add depth to the design.
  2. Style and Design:
    • The dress has a modest and slightly old-fashioned design, reminiscent of Victorian or Edwardian-era clothing.
    • It features a high neckline with a white collar that contrasts against the black fabric, resembling Wednesday Addams’ signature look.
    • The sleeves are long and have a slightly puffed or gathered design at the shoulders, adding to the vintage aesthetic.
    • The Haunted School Girl Costume is knee-length, falling just above the child’s knees for a classic silhouette.
  3. Accessories:
    • To complete the Wednesday Addams look, accessories play a crucial role.
    • Children often pair the dress with black shoes, such as Mary Janes or boots, to complement the overall look.
    • For an added touch of authenticity, children may also wear a wig with two braids or a center-parted style, similar to Wednesday Addams’ hairstyle.
  4. Optional Props:
    • Children may carry props to further embody the character, such as a toy spider or a book resembling Wednesday Addams’ love for dark and macabre subjects.
    • A doll or stuffed animal resembling “Marie Antoinette,” Wednesday’s headless doll, can also be a fun addition to the costume.

Overall, Haunted School Girl Costume captures the essence of the beloved character with its dark and slightly eerie aesthetic, making it a popular choice for Halloween, costume parties, theatrical performances and dress-up play.

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