Long Black Hippie Costume Wig


Unisex Long Black Wig will help you complete your desired look this Halloween.


This long black Hippie costume wig comes with a detachable headband. It can be used by men or women, and works well as either a Hippie or Indian Halloween costume wig.

You may want to wear a wig cap with this wig.

The following tips and instructions are meant to assist you in maintaining your costume wig – keeping it in like–new condition as long as possible. Taking care of your inexpensive wigs can make a big difference in how they look and how long they last.

Putting on a wig:

There is a tendency to flip the wig upside-down, exposing the wig’s cap then put it on sort of upside-down. Don’t do this! This method will likely ruin the hairstyle of your expensive and inexpensive wigs and will cause major tangles, especially with longer fibers.

Follow these four steps to put it on perfectly, with minimal mussing:

  1. Grasp the front hairline of the wig with your right hand, and the center of the back with your left. You should be holding the wig upright, with one hand on top and one on the bottom.
    2. Holding on with both hands the whole time, circle the wig around your head to the left, so that the wig is now being held behind and sort of above your head.
    3. Looking in a mirror, place the wig on your head, arranging the front hairline to the position you want. Hold the front in place as you pull the back over your head
    4. Voila! Make any final adjustments so that your entire hairline is covered, and secure in place with bobby pins if needed.

Styling a costume wig:

Finger-comb the wig to remove any large tangles, starting at the tips and working up. Don’t pull too hard, or you may cause the fibers to stretch and fray, making even more tangles! The simplest product to keep your wig detangled and smooth is hand moisturizer. Rub a small amount between your hands, then run them over the wig. Don’t use too much, or your wig will look greasy. Always remove any loose hairs. A soft-bristled hairbrush can also be used to smooth down any wayward strands (not recommended for curls). Hair spray, and heat to style your wig are not recommended. Heat will melt the fibers!

Washing a costume wig:

  • Lay wig flat in a sink or basin
  • Add Cold water to cover the wig
  • Wash wig in the sink with a mild shampoo
  • Lift wig out of the water and onto a flat surface. Do not hang the wig up wet as this will stretch the wig design
  • Blot dry.
  • A hair dryer on a Cool setting may be used to speed drying time. Do not apply heat in any form to the wig.

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