Toy Story® Woody Childs Accessory Kit


Buy this kit for Halloween, themed parties, playtime, school plays, and the like.


The “Woody Childs Accessory Kit” from “Toy Story” is a set of costume accessories designed to resemble the attire of the iconic character Sheriff Woody, one of the main characters from the beloved Disney Pixar animated film franchise. This kit includes:

  1. Cowboy Hat: A child-sized replica of Woody’s distinctive brown cowboy hat, complete with a wide braided brim and a darker brown ribbon around the base.
  2. Sheriff Badge: A shiny gold, star-shaped badge with the word “Sheriff” on it, just like the one Woody proudly wears on his vest.
  3. Red Bandana: A child-sized red bandana, perfect for tying around the neck to match Woody’s signature look.
  4. Vest: A cow-print vest made to fit children, mirroring the one Woody wears over his shirt.

This Woody Childs Accessory Kit makes dressing up for an event a lot easier. Your child can wear his favorite clothes and still look like Woody. Buy this for Halloween, theatrical performances, playtime around the house, themed parties throughout the year, and more. Have more than one child? Buy Buzz LightYear and Jessie to go as a group! Use the accessories for other costumes. Play a rodeo character in another thrilling adventure. Woody has some wild experiences. Bring to life a beloved character that so many enjoy.

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