Pagano Clown


This Pagano Clown mask is perfect to scare any of your friends at a Halloween party!

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This Pagano Clown mask is known for its striking appearance and ability to evoke a range of emotions, from amusement to fear. It has become an iconic symbol in various forms of entertainment, particularly in horror, where they are often used to create an atmosphere of dread and suspense. Red covering resembles blood that smears across the mouth and an unsettling open-mouthed grimace. The eyes are heterochromia, blue and brown, and can be cut with scissors to open the eyeholes for visibility, if necessary. Red hair puffs out, enhancing the silver earrings attached.

Overall, this Pagano Clown Mask is one to surely strike fear into anyone’s heart! Pair with a Carnevil Clown Costume!

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